We can design Standard Softwares too!


All the Softwares that we have developed are customized. We do not sell or resell programs developed by other parties. We designed and developed our own programs based on our client’s needs. We can design Standard Softwares too, but we remember, standard softwares are available ready to install at any software dealers and computer stores. But if you think that standard softwares do not fit in your applications, contact us now.

If you need a customized software for your projects or applications, you are in a right place. We specialized in this area..

Below are some of the customized softwares that we have developed:

  1. Web-based Enrollment System (PHP and MySQL)
  2. Philippine E-survey for Microfinance
  3. Web-based Credit Bureau
  4. Web-based Point of Sale (POS) with Job Orders
  5. Web-based Inventory System
  6. Web-based Human Resource Management System
  7. Online Beating (Multiple Branches)
  8. Online Financial Management System(for Cooperatives)
  9. Automated weighing scale system with hardware integration capturing the data via RS232(serial ports)
  10. Fuel Inventory System (centralized inventoy for Kerosine, Diesel, ULG, etc)
  11. Pharmacy System (full implementation, 2013).
If you think you have spent too much already for your applications that need to be implemented in your company and still you are left dissatisfied, then, it’s time for you to call us.

We are proud to say that we have a 100% turn-over ever since. We have completed all the projects of our clients that we have in contract with.